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San Diego Employment Lawyer – SEO Case Study Using YouTube Video

I’ve been reading up on the alleged untapped traffic resource that is YouTube… For those of you who don’t know, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine next to Google, which means there’s a huge potential in video marketing for most any business. Here’s the rub: Traditional SEO will only get you so far[…]

Get the gig

How Do I Promote My Band and Book Paying Gigs?

Booking gigs for your band is a topic that’s probably been done to death by a zillion different Internets, but I couldn’t help but feel motivated to weigh in on the subject of getting paying gigs because of a recent success realized with a new project. An experience which, can be duplicated by most any[…]

Gird your loins: An Artist’s Lament and a Warning to the Newbs…

I’ve been a freelance digital media professional for over six years now, but I’m always looking for the right opportunity to explore the possibility of going full-time with the right company. Running my own business certainly has it’s advantages, but after six years of it, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just some[…]