San Diego Employment Lawyer – SEO Case Study Using YouTube Video

I’ve been reading up on the alleged untapped traffic resource that is YouTube… For those of you who don’t know, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine next to Google, which means there’s a huge potential in video marketing for most any business. Here’s the rub: Traditional SEO will only get you so far when it comes to ranking video content, leaving the question, how do I get my YouTube video a top ranking on Google? I’m about to find out so by all means, feel free to accompany me on the journey. The ultimate goal of all this is to hopefully identify and implement an “easy” way to get new multimedia clients without having to actively “sell” anyone in the traditional sense. Here’s how:

Yesterday, I posted a short video on YouTube featuring a local law office here in North County, San Diego.

Now, right off the bat I’m a little short because most of what I’ve read about ranking YouTube videos on Google recommends a video of at least five minutes long, but I’m a little reluctant to create a five minute video for someone who isn’t yet a paying customer. This is where the “easy” way of getting new clients comes in (hopefully). The idea behind this little video SEO experiment is as follows:

1. Identify solid potential clients who will benefit from video marketing and can afford to pay for it.
2. Identify the relevant keywords germane to the potential client’s business. In this case, I selected “San Diego Employment Lawyer”.
3. Gather content on your client via places like Yelp, Facebook and/or their website in order to make a brief promotional video or slideshow. I went and did a quick slider shot of the client’s office since it was close to home, but you can likely get away with just using assets found online.
4. Get the video on page #1 of Google!
5. Once the video is ranked on page 1, THEN contact the client via email with a subject line stating something to the effect of, “Your video is now ranked on page 1 of Google and it looks great.”
6. Included in that email will be the attached screenshot from Google AdWords demonstrating the “value” of the keywords targeted by the video, and how many hits they receive on an average monthly basis. Now it’s just as simple as asking the question, “Are you interested in retaining these “x” number of monthly views on your business?” If they are, great… Negotiate your price. If not, simply take the video down and move on to the next one.

San Diego employment Law, Google AdWords Stats

According to Google, the targeted keyword averages 210 searches per month, which is actually a little low compared to examples found in my research, where an average 300 hits or more is recommended. This, like the short run-time of the video, are two variables I’ll have to keep an eye on should my initial bid to get this video ranked fall short.

Now… The nuts and bolts of getting our video ranked because if we can’t do that, the rest of it doesn’t even matter.

1. Make a good video. Viewer retention, “likes” and “shares” are the most powerful tool in ranking video. Short or not, make the best product you can as the circumstances permit.
2. Make sure the file name of your video is comprised of your targeted keywords, e.g., “san_diego_employment_lawyer.mp4”, and make this the title of the YouTube post as well (without the file extension).
3. Include a couple-hundred words in the video description which repeat the keywords at least twice, but not so much that it looks like you’re keyword “stuffing”.
4. Share your video using your social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, et al.
5. Post a link to your video in an appropriate manner on sites like Quora and other online forums catering to the subject matter contained in your presentation.
6. Post the video on your own blog like I’m doing here 😉
7. Tag your video appropriately within YouTube, using your keywords as the first tag.
8. Tag your video with the names of some of your top competitors already in the top ten on Google.

I’m pretty optimistic regarding this process because a video I did for the Last Chance at Life Animal Rescue in Oceanside is ranked on page 1 of Google, and I didn’t do ANYTHING for that video other than name it accordingly. It’s currently the last link on page one, but since doing all this research I made a bunch of changes to the video today. It will be interesting to see if it advances up the ranks based on some of the implementations described above.

Hopefully that gives you enough to get started on your own video SEO adventure… I’ll be documenting my findings every step of the way so be sure to check back for updates and in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

Good luck!

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